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If you need heavy duty earthmoving and excavator equipment rentals you have come to the right place. We know you have a lot of tasks to juggle and prioritize so we make renting an excavator as easy as humanly possible. Our pros are tasked with streamlining the entire process for you, from price quotes to delivery/pickup and more. Our experienced team knows all the ins and outs of mini excavator rentals and have faced every challenge you can think of. Pick up the phone, enter your info into the form on the right, or read on to learn about how you can rent an excavator for your company today!

How To Get Low Excavator Rental Rates Every Time

Getting the lowest excavator rental rates is simple. is here to help you cross compare rental rates from multiple depots and multiple excavator sizes and horsepower so you can make the best decision. We highly recommend that you don't go with the first vendor and wait until you have at least one other bid. You'd be surprised how often employees will pull the trigger after just one phone call when they could save 20-30% with a little bit of research.

Do My Employees Need Training To Rent An Excavator?

OSHA requires that anyone operating heavy machinery be properly trained. It is extremely important that everyone on the job site, not just the excavator operator, be informed of the dangers that large equipment can pose to property and people. The minor inconvenience and cost of training and maintaining operator credentials is minuscule compared to what it will cost if you have an accident with untrained operators.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Excavator?

The cost to rent an excavator will vary primarily based on how many tons the machine is, the horsepower and length of rental. Other factors to consider are equipment availability, distance from rental yard and additional attachments. On average a mini excavator rental costs $125-$450 per day. On average a full size excavator rental costs $450-$1,700 per day. Again, actual excavator rental rates fluctuate quite a bit so we encourage you to provide your project details so we can get back to you with a more specific bid.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare For The Equipment Delivery?

Yes, when you rent a mini excavator you need to do just a few things to prepare. First, you or an employee must be present to meet the delivery driver and sign off before they leave. Second, there must be enough space for the truck to drop off the excavator. If you are renting a large excavator you may need up to 100 feet of space, but we will let you know when you schedule the drop off. Lastly, make sure the ground is solid and relatively flat where the equipment will be dropped off.